Herbal Safety

In the old days people got all their medication from the nature and it seems like they manage very well with what the nature had to offer. Today most people buy prescription drugs from the pharmacy not realizing that natural herbs can do the same thing.
Most herbal medicines are more gentle than pharmaceutical drugs however you still need to be very careful. Some herbs are very powerful, so please use them with respect!

Never take any herb identity for granted. The best way to be sure that you are using the right kind of herb is by buying it. You can buy most herbs at herb outlets and at natural health stores. Herbs are available as capsules, extracts, liquids, powders, tablets and oils.

Before you buy any herbal product make sure that the product's scientific name, plant part used, date of manufacture and expiration and that the name and address of the manufacture is on the label.

Always follow the directions on the package and use it for recommended amounts and periods only unless your doctor told you otherwise. Like drugs, some herbs may have side effects.

Please note that it can take up to weeks before you can see any result from some kind of herbs.

Never play doctor. If you have a serious chronic illness like diabetes or any kind of heart disease always consult with a health care professional familiar with herbs before taking any herbs.

Don't mix herbs and drugs since the absorption of herbs may be adversely affected when they are given together with some drugs.

If adverse effects occur, stop taking the herb immediately.

Never take any essential oil internally.

Don't take any herbs if you are pregnant or breast feeding unless your doctor said it was ok.

Don't give any herbs to infants or children. However if you buy herbs for children make sure that you buy products with dosage levels that are listed specially for children.

If your doctor discourage you to use herbal medicine seek out a doctor who uses natural medicines or try to find a naturopathic doctor

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  • Herbs Safety Never take any herb identity for granted. The best way to be sure that you are using the right kind of herb is by buying it.

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